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Meet Your Mods!

The mod team works together to decide HSWC policy, create the rules and schedule, maintain the HSWC rules wiki, answer questions and clarify points, take care of the tumblr and e-mail inbox, personally assist their assigned teams and friendleaders, code the programs and build the websites we use to run the event, and generally make sure the event runs smoothly.

[personal profile] missbelarus
[ profile] nataliaarlovskaya

Pronouns: she/her
Time Zone: EST
Patron Troll: Eridan

Fandom Participation: Video editing, drawing, fanfic, and sometimes cosplay!
Previous Mod Experience: Online, I help co-lead a Studio on YouTube (a group where we make multi-editor projects). Offline, I'm my grade's representative on student council, as well as attending leadership camps and being co-leader of a band.
Other Fandoms: Hetalia, Hannibal, Supernatural, Vocaloid, Dangan Ronpa, League of Legends, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Likes: Bows, Owls, Watermelon
Dislikes: Bugs
[personal profile] outstretched
[ profile] cyanokit

Pronouns: she/her
Time Zone: EST
Patron Denizen: Hemera

Fandom Participation: Fanfic writer, cosplayer, event organizer
Previous Mod Experience: I've been running communities/events, clubs, conventions, and MMORPG servers since 2003! A full list of the things I currently run is here. I was also the founder of my college's anime club and president for four years.
Other Fandoms: Pokémon, Super Junior, a whole bunch of anime

Likes: Tea, modernist/minimalist writing, ferrets, the ocean, the medical field, basically all music ever, traveling
Dislikes: Zombies D:
[personal profile] cephalopod
[ profile] ninetysixpercent

Pronouns: they
Time Zone: PST
Sprite Guide: Davesprite

Fandom Participation: I write, art intermittently, RP, and I cosplay the Condesce. MORE HAIR!
Previous Mod Experience: I was palhoncho for a couple of Team Alchemiter groups for HSO 2012. I mod a few group MSPARP chats (parpers haaaay). I’ve been running and setting up smallish RP and fic comms for ages, and I’ve run a small business for the last five years.
Other Fandoms: Metal Gear, Ghost in the Shell, Katamari Damacy

Likes: Homebrewing, historical costuming, kimchi, singing in the car, long walks on the beach with extensive segues into illustrative anecdata on invertebrates and marine biology.
Dislikes: Gristle on meat, shoes with laces, vodka.
[personal profile] zaluzianskya

Pronouns: she/her
Time Zone: Pacific
Patron Troll: Eridan Jake English

Fandom Participation: I write fanfic, RP, and make icons.
Previous Mod Experience: I've modded and helper-modded assorted RPs and co-ran Giftstuck 2013.
Other Fandoms: Pokémon, Final Fantasy IV, Ace Attorney, Kamen Rider

Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Nuts
[personal profile] ceruleanbloods

Pronouns: they
Time Zone: EST
Patron Troll: Leijons

Fandom Participation: I write fanfic and roleplay.
Previous Mod Experience: I've modded various message boards and roleplay groups online since 2003.
Other Fandoms: Figure Skating, Teen Wolf, Hunger Games, WTNV, Elementary, K-ON!, a bunch of other junk.

Likes: Birds, things that aren't food but look like food, food that looks like things that aren't food, Frank Ocean, personality typing fictional weirdos, potatoes, boots.
Dislikes: The way my jeans always get shredded where the heels of my boots step on them. Also Macklemore.
[personal profile] ubiquitouslinguist
[ profile] assreplacer

Pronouns: She/her
Time Zone: EST
Patron Troll: Rufioh Nitram!

Fandom Participation: Primarily cosplay and social goings-on in the local area. I also had the pleasure of participating in the Homestuck Rarepair Swap, which was my first foray into fandom writing.
Previous Mod Experience: I've moderated a couple chatrooms in the mid 2000's, and I was the president of my anime club (read:king nerd)in high school. Additionally, I've helped to run several local political events over the last few years.
Other Fandoms: Hikaru no Go, Dangan Ronpa, Catch-22, Pacific Rim, Kingdom Hearts, Fruits Basket, Axis Powers Hetalia, Death Note.

Likes: Aquatic animals, hilariously bad puns, classic lit, world politics, and fruity beverages.
Dislikes: Always, always without fail forgetting to pack my pyjamas when I stay at a friend's house. I am seriously at the end of my rope with that.
[personal profile] jukain

Pronouns: they/them
Time Zone: PST
Patron Troll: kanaya maryam!

Fandom Participation: cosplay, rping, and writing.
Previous Mod Experience: online, i've been moderator and global moderator for a handful of forums over the years, as well as a comments moderator for a fandom website that got a lot of traffic (i'm way too embarrassed about what fandom it was though :x). offline, i was co-leader of my college's LGBTQ+ group for over two years, and served as a liaison for the campus's trans community and the administration before graduating.
Other Fandoms: pokemon, teen wolf, wtnv, yu yu hakusho, dangan ronpa, parks and rec, kyoukai no kanata, pacific rim, and a ton more anime.

Likes: werewolves (and other kinds of shifters), monsters in general, queer theory, social justice, clinical and social psychology, terrible jokes, making faces at friends as they make terrible jokes, and talking to animals in really silly voices.
Dislikes: people who hate animals and small children.
[personal profile] rax

Pronouns: they
Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7)
Patron Troll: Vriska

Fandom Participation: I read. A lot.
Previous Mod Experience: I run, am a Pokémon professor, league leader, and judge, and organize a yearly weekend-long event called Catgirl Goth Rave. I also helped out with some tech infrastructure for kink_bingo.
Other Fandoms: Pokémon

Likes: desert hiking, cats, foxes, games, gender theory, homemade seitan, Shaymin
Dislikes: plants without thorns, javascript

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