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MAIN MOD CONTACT for [community profile] hs_worldcup

E-mail: (preferred contact method)

Tumblr: Ask Box

Dreamwidth: Private Message

You can also leave a (signed-in or anonymous) comment on this post. Comments are screened (only the mods will see them). Anonymous comments will be unscreened so we can reply to them.

Please contact your friendleader first whenever possible before coming to us directly. This will help us help you more quickly and efficiently.

If you need to contact your mod liaison, use the e-mail above and mention your liaison's name in the subject line. To find your liaison, check the Big Kahuna spreadsheet and they will be listed next to your team name.

To report wank, use the phrase "Wank Report" in your subject line.

To report an anonymity violation, use the phrase "Anonymity Violation" in your subject line.

If your message or situation is urgent, please include the word "Urgent" in your subject; if you're not sure if it's urgent or not, include it just in case. Use "Urgent" also if you contacted us previously and received no reply.

Finally, please allow 48 hours for a response. If you don't receive one after that time, feel free to message us again—we might not have received it.

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